1 table | 14 seats | 5 courses | Complimentary fine wine pairings |
Savannah, GA | Address emailed one day before dinner | Saturday | 7pm


Cow by Bear is a dinner party experience experiment operating out of several secret locations in Savannah. Dinners take place every Saturday night at 7pm. Each dinner is reserved to 14 guests in a communal, social setting. Cow by Bear is not just a dinner; it is a dinner party experience where you can expect to not only eat a world class meal cooked by a bear, but leave with new friends and stories to remember.

Cow by Bear is the vision of Chef Bear, an Alaskan brown bear known the world over for his pop-up events. After escaping from a traveling circus in his youth, Bear is said to have had an awakening in which he learned to walk, talk and, ultimately, cook. Since then, he has traveled the globe, putting on dinners of all kinds on every continent. 

Bear arrived in San Diego in 2011 and launched Cow by Bear. After six years, he ran away before resurfacing in Washington state to open up Cow by Bear Seattle in an untraditional expansion technique. The San Diego location continues to operate under the guidance of head chef Osa Bear and their protege and son, Lil' Osito Bear. Operated by Chef 'Po Bear, Cow by Bear Savannah is the newest addition to the Cow by Bear family.